Boudoir Concept

By Caroline Swolfs

Imagine wearing bespoke jewellery that is unique to you.

A boudoir is a private space, where you can be totally yourself. With elegance and understanding, Caroline Swolfs puts her creative talent at the service of her customers’ imagination and experience to create uncompromising tailor-made jewels.

Open dialogue is the key to understanding each client and thus creating a custom-made jewel that is specific to the wearer, a unique piece that reflects his or her personality. Caroline proposes to either adapt a jewel from her collection to make it totally personal or to together reinterpret an existing family jewel.

Creating a unique bespoke piece together is a great motivation in itself. Add to that the happiness of wearing something that reflects only you.

The Boudoir Concept by Caroline Swolfs is all this and more. Whether it’s for a one-time occasion, a wedding, an engagement or simply to please yourself, this custom creation will be a unique link between Caroline and you. And like the boudoir, it will hold your most secret passion.