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Caroline Swolfs

Making sense of things gives us balance and keeps us moving in the right direction. Sense or meaning helps us to make right choices, at the right time, in the right place.

Sometimes life upsets this balance, imposing trials that we didn’t think we would have to deal with. But life can also be generous, offering us beautiful encounters or discoveries that help us to better cope with these upheavals.

My encounter with Ba Zi took place at the very start of a profound change in my life. Ba Zi helped me to bounce back with more strength to face unexpected and difficult events with more understanding.

But above all, it helped me to find my life path. I was able to approach this new life with more fluidity, serenity and lucidity. With this experience and the training I have been following since 2020, I now wish to share this path with my clients. Personally, I find myself fully involved in this analytical work because I would like to enlighten, soothe and accompany my clients with generosity.

What is Ba Zi?

Ba Zi is an ancestral Chinese technique, based on the theory of the 5 elements, just like Chinese medicine or acupuncture. It allows us to establish our energetic DNA from our date of birth. This will define which energies you have and the ones that qualify you best. Each of them represents qualities, potential, power in certain areas, facilities, difficulties, strengths and also weaknesses. There are more than 12 million combinations! It is important to know that the place where we live, the people around us and the overall context influence and impact this potential.

For us Westerners, time is linear and has no particular philosophical significance. In Chinese thinking, however, everything is movement, everything is a cycle that carries deep meaning. Time is a force with particular qualities whose impact has been analysed for a very long time.

Why turn to Ba Zi?

Understanding our energy map allows us to make better use of our qualities, better exploit our potential, put our difficulties into perspective and make informed decisions. In this context, the time factor is important. The analysis of your energy map allows you to save time. It helps you to better manage your relationships with others, because we are all interdependent.

Reasons to be interested in Ba Zi:

  • – To better know ourselves, to know who we are.
  • To better understand why at certain times in our lives, everything seemed to flow smoothly, and at other times, everything seemed more complicated.
  • – To better exploit our strengths and put our weaknesses into perspective
  • – To save time, to gain in efficiency because we progress on a well-lit path.
  • – To enlighten our young people and help them find their way,
  • – To help us when certain difficulties arise at a given moment: with a parent, a child, at work, our health, etc.
  • – To find the right partner or improve our relationship
  • – To understand our changing desires
  • – To better choose the area of competence to focus on
Caroline Swolfs

To help you discover this powerful and structured tool, may I invite you to come and follow a (free) Ba Zi Discovery Workshop at my place in Hoeilaart or remotely but only in French for the moment. These workshops are organised with 3 to 6 people. Feel free to create your own small group and to suggest your own dates.

For more information, to participate in a workshop, to determine your Ba Zi chart or that of a friend: caroline@carolineswolfs.be

Caroline Swolfs, expert in Ba Zi @Merci Feng Shui

Merci Feng Shui was created by Carole Chanlaut, based on a methodology of analysis and values for accompanying a person.

For more information about Ba Zi et Merci Feng Shui: https://www.mercifengshui.com/