Caroline Swolfs

Change life to create jewellery 

I finished my business school education and started working in advertising but I was so attracted by the world of jewellery. At the age of 30, I decided to translate my creative jewellery passion and actually producing it. I didn’t resist to totally go for this way in my life, from that moment.

In a world where change is becoming ever faster, I nonetheless took time to observe and find my balance in the art of creating timeless jewellery.

My concept is clear: limited collections of carefully created, timeless pieces of jewellery whereby every stage of development is based on an original graphic platform. I like this trend and gift for the eternal drop I admire so much.

My jewellery is available via my website or at my workshop for those who like to meet me.

Several lives of passion. 

For the future, the need to focus on more personal projects appears to be my priority.
I like to explore different stages of creation based on more liberty. I take stones from whatever origin or family and transform them with the passion I like to apply to my work. Nature has so much to offer in terms of colour and energy.

Providing happiness and colour similarly to the sort nature brings us is what I prefer.

I also felt the need for a new passion – BaZi.
BaZi is an ancestral Chinese technique leading the understanding of oneself, fully reflecting life and in all consciousness, understand where its strategy will lead us to.

For more information : https://www.mercifengshui.com/