Caroline Swolfs

Caroline Swolfs

Who is this talented jeweller?

The vocation of jewellery designer came later in life for Caroline Swolfs. After graduating from a business school beginning of the 90’s, her career naturally began in communications before shifting towards this passion-job she now practices with so much talent. Her true pathway in life was to be this one and no other. Today she has mastered all the tricks of the jewellery designer’s trade. Discovering her vocation later in life allowed her to know very precisely what she wanted. This clear vision can be sensed in every handcrafted piece she creates with so much precision and delicacy.

“Discovering your vocation later in life allows you to know very precisely what you want. You’re more determined and motivated to learn rapidly. You’re not searching. You have founded.”

Countless designs

Caroline Swolfs is now a full-time designer. Her concept is clear … like rock water. No single pieces but collections in short series. A simple design, discrete and timeless. And with each collection a new subtle and original graphic research. A surprising variation of this drop she cherishes so much, which is also now available in a more accessible collection for daily life, the CS Line.

Her jewellery is sold online, at her workshop for those who want to meet the designer and is also distributed in Belgium and abroad, often in galleries or by other designers.
In this fast moving world, Caroline Swolfs takes the time to sit down and find her balance when she creates this timeless jewellery. What both reassures and motivates her is the fact that she can do this job all her life … because it has no ending. Just like the drop, her fetish theme.

Caroline Swolfs