Caroline Swolfs - Jewellery Designer

The drop as a source of inspiration

Caroline Swolfs is today a well-known Belgian jewellery designer. Her line is artisanal, unique and very contemporary. At the end of the 90’s, when Caroline created her logo, in the shape of a drop, the idea came to her to develop her new jewellery collections from a single source of inspiration: a simple drop. This became the anchor point of Caroline Swolfs’ jewellery. Constantly reinventing her craft from this self-imposed constraint makes her creations all the more interesting and personal. The infinity of metamorphoses that such a simple form can undergo through the limitless imagination of the Belgian designer is a delight in motion. 

Caroline Swolfs’s collections

The Drop Collection

Timeless and at the foundation of the unique jewellery, the drop here explores all its variations, through the most noble materials and with all the art and craft of the Belgian designer.
Available in 18-carat yellow and white gold and silver 925.

CS Line Collection

In accordance with whims and moods, this « everyday pleasure » contemporary jewellery collection creates transformative silhouettes, giving variety and rhythm to the day.
Available in 9-carat yellow gold and silver 925.

The Drop collection
La goutte multiple long