Bespoke jewellery & collections

My jewellery – drops of eternal beauty

Caroline Swolfs is a Belgian designer, originated from the city of Antwerp. She provides several ranges of handcrafted and quite unique lines of jewellery, both of contemporary and classic style, jointly with personalized creations for her clients.

The drop as a source of inspiration

The purity and the natural beauty of this mineral accident are at the basis of her own logo, as well as her inspiration. Since almost twenty years, this Belgian creator has learnt how to personalize multiple forms in a simple and straightforward manner, according to the seasons and impulses of her imagination.

Discover the collections and the constant innovations of Caroline Swolfs, if only to please to yourself or to your loved ones. Realize how to crystallize moments of sheer happiness thanks to this unique range of jewellery.

Caroline Swolfs – Jewellery Designer