Bespoke Jewellery

A unique piece of jewellery that tells your story.

Imagine a piece of jewellery matching your own personality. Caroline’s typical « boudoir » – inspiration has this intimate outlook which Caroline appears to provide with each of her creations, typically made for the clients she appears to know so well.
Each of them has been created on a specific personalized platform, reflecting the character of the user. Caroline Swolfs also proposes to adapt her collection in different ways, reflecting individual experiences or stories.

The satisfaction and the happiness of a piece fully handcrafted is sensational. Whatever the opportunity – whether union of any special event justifying this form of rare pleasure, each creation will be seen as a unique link between you and her. You will like possessing a precious secret, inspired from her private boudoir.

By definition, custom-made jewellery is based on locally generated products, either by Caroline Swolfs personally or by specially appointed Antwerp goldsmiths.